FAQ: Travel Contracts

Chesapeake Medical Staffing offers great options for travel assignments throughout the nation.  Apply for any posted CMS travel assignment, or register your interest in future assignments here, or contact us at 410-321-4267 x3.


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What makes me eligible for travel compensation?
You are eligible for compensation if your temporary assignment through CMS requires you to live away from your “tax home” – your tax home is defined as the entire city or general area where your main work is located,  typically the area of your permanent residency. Note that the IRS does not recognize the “50 mile rule.”

According to IRS pub 463, a job is far enough away if “you need to sleep or rest to meet the demands of your work while away from home.” If that rest takes place in your permanent home, you are not eligible. By returning home, you are proving that it is within commuting distance of your home and is not considered a travel assignment.

The origin of this “50 mile rule” is based on a threefold series of misunderstandings. #1- There is a fifty mile marker used for state legislators to determine if they are “away from home.” #2- The IRS has a requirement of a new job commute needing to be 50 miles further than the old job commute before moving deductions are allowed. #3- Federal Travel Regulations use a 50 mile rule for determining a metropolitan area for MILEAGE (not for lodging and meals) WHEN a person is working at a SECOND location in addition to a main place of work.

How long am I eligible? 
You are eligible for up to one year.  After that, your work assignment is considered indefinite rather than temporary.

How are Per Diem Travel Reimbursements calculated?
Based on the government guidelines, we calculate your reimbursement by adding the applicable meals and incidentals rate to the applicable lodging rate, and determine a daily per diem rate.  Refer to this government website that outlines these rates, first by state, then by county:  www.gsa.gov

How is Hourly Compensation determined?
Compensation varies by facility and unit, but you will know prior to CMS presenting you as a candidate for any assignment. Note CMS has flexibility to adjust hourly rate and tax-free reimbursements to stay within IRS guidelines to come up with a package that works for you.

What will my pay stub / “take-home pay” look like?
We recommend comparing gross pay packages across agencies, as tax exemptions and benefit costs can vary greatly. However, you can take your gross estimation and plug the details into paycheckcity or smartasset. You can also compare apples-to-apples travel packages with a handy tool at Nomadicare.

Do you provide housing?
Unfortunately, no. We have found that travelers find the best fit for housing when they secure it themselves, including deciding personal tradeoffs that enable them to maximize their take home pay. We do offer assistance on a case-by-case basis for travel relocation or rental cars if needed – just ask your recruiter. Here are some links to housing options:

Vacation Rental Sites – HomeAwayVRBO, and Airbnb
Travel Nurse Specific Site – FurnishedFinder
Facebook – check out the Gypsy Nurse Travel Nurse Facebook Group and Gypsy Nurse Housing Group
Craigslist – Craigslist

What will my staffing agreement look like?
The Per Diem Travel Reimbursement and Hourly Compensation information will vary by facility and unit. We will provide you with the details prior to presenting you as a candidate for that specific assignment.

Is there any paperwork involved in this process?
CMS requires that you verify your tax home in order for us to provide you with a Per Diem Travel Reimbursement – we will note your tax home on your staffing agreement for you to review and sign.

For more details about travel pay, or for a free expert consultation, check here: Travel Tax 101 – tax prep for travelers